The George has been a pillar of the LGBTQ+ community for over 30 years. But, as it’s been unable to open fully since last March, it hasn’t been able to provide its usual sense of community and support.

So to celebrate this year’s Pride, they’ve teamed up with chocolate makers, Bean and Goose, and creative agency Showrunner, to create “The LGBTQ+ Bar - with all profits going to LGTBQ+ community resource centre, Outhouse.

“Dublin was about to face its second Pride Month without LGBTQ+ bars being allowed to fully open, which meant a huge amount of community, joy, and support would be lost within the city and the community," said Sam Moorhead, Creative Partner in Showrunner. "That’s why we collaborated with The George and Bean and Goose to create a different kind of bar – a unique and great tasting one, which more importantly, would help support the LGBTQ+ community.

The bar itself is white chocolate, with blueberries, lemon and edible petals. The bar is available to buy in stores and coffee shops across the country such as Lotts & Co, Fallon & Byrne, Cloud Picker, Ardkeen Stores, and Indigo & Cloth, plus it will be available from The George, and from

If you can’t get your hands on The LGBTQ+ Bar, you can still donate at

For further information:

Jane Gray - / 087 7977891