TikTok Innovation championing new digital strategies
TikTok Innovation championing new digital strategies

Dublin based marketing agency Pluto is leading the industry in TikTok Innovation championing new digital strategies that integrate the platform and target the GenZ market in an authentic and community driven way.

Pluto’s expertise were honed on #100consent, a ground-breaking campaign in March of this year in support of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre which saw more than 20 of TikTok’s most influential Irish users advocate through the app to raise awareness amongst the most critical demographic and support consent education.

With a combined following of 2.8M TikTok users largely in the 16-24 year old bracket, the #100consent campaign garnered 5.2 million social media impressions with 1.5M views on Tiktok alone.

Following this, the award winning agency went on to sign a number of these TikTok Creators partnering with PR agencies across the country to connect the right creators to the appropriate brands ensuring authenticity through close collaboration in an effort to secure the very best content.

As with all that they do, Pluto recognise the duty of care that they have to these young content creators and so run resilience training sessions to equip them with the tools to stay focused on their passion and their creativity, even in the face of occasional negative comments.

The past few months in lockdown have seen brands pivot to digital experiences to access that all important Gen Z market.

TikTok successes
TikTok successes

Life Style Sports

Life Style Sports partnered with Pluto and Ireland’s leading Tiktok creators to launch a competition encouraging viewers to show ”Your Life, Your Style,Your Sports” and asked them to post with a branded hashtag. Life Style Sports first foray onto the TikTok platform was a success with hashtag views of almost 300k.


Flipz, the Chocolate Covered Pretzels, also gained massive traction on the app when, in collaboration with Pluto they engaged with the nation’s most popular TikTok influencers to launch a competition encouraging viewers to lipsync to their favourite movie or tv quote using #FlipztheScript. With similarly impressive results reaching almost a quarter of a million views the campaign broke new ground for the fun loving brand.

Speaking of this impactful campaign, Caroline Daly, Brand Manager at Pladis Global said, “ Pluto are digital natives, so we trusted them implicitly from the moment we the shared the brief to their exceptional execution of our inaugural #flipzthescript campaign. As a new platform for Flipz, Tiktok was uncharted but highly relevant territory, so Pluto was instrumental in establishing our presence and navigating the platform. Given the strong performance of this campaign we will continue to invest in Tiktok to engage with Gen Z and Millennial consumers. It is important for brands to embrace new and emerging platforms to remain relevant to contemporary culture.”

Echoing these sentiments, Pluto Art Director, Cormac McCann said, “Pluto has been traditionally considered a Live experience agency and despite having evolved into so much more than that, with incredible digital, design and shopper teams, still over 50% of our turnover was dependent on Live experiences. Lockdown has given the agency a welcome opportunity to focus so much more on our other disciplines with exciting influencer marketing and content creation. At Pluto we conceptualise, implement and manage engaging, targeted integrated campaigns. Focusing on dynamic content and design, our aim is to build brand stories, convert sales, enhance experiences and boost brand affinity. And if your audience includes GenZ, a Tiktok campaign should feature.”