Nobody Will Thank You
Nobody Will Thank You

The HSE are running two campaigns this month, produced by Core Creative with campaigns managed by Spark Foundry, part of Core. The campaigns titled “Nobody Will Thank You” and “Heads Up Display” remind people to stay at home if feeling unwell and also about the essential behaviours to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. In addition, the campaign has rolled out in digital out-of-home locations reminding people who are out and about.

Speaking about this new campaign, Fidelma Browne, Head of Programmes and Campaigns, at HSE:

“We wanted to show how important it is for people to stay home when they are unwell. Meeting people when you have any cold and flu-like symptoms, waiting and seeing how you feel, attending a social event with a cough, or even when you just had a COVID-19 test – these things now have to become unacceptable.

  • TV and VOD ads are currently running thanking people for not attending work or social events when not feeling well, with supportive radio ads, featuring different characters and situations
  • A second TV spot reminds people of the core behaviours to protect against COVID-19
  • The campaign is also running on various social platforms, to ensure all citizens are reached

"We know from our research and planning that this advice is not easy for everyone for follow. Working with Core, we developed a campaign which took a novel approach to encouraging people to remain at home if feeling unwell. We feel the tone of this campaign makes people think about the common good they are contributing to.”

Describing the work of this new campaign, Liam Wielopolski, Executive Creative Director, Core said:

“After such a long time of on-going public health messaging about COVID-19, we needed to take a new approach to asking people to play their part. Thanking people for not attending an event feels strange and sounds unusual but also makes the creative stand-out. We hope the campaigns convey the important and impactful role of staying at home when not feeling well.”