An Post and Folk Wunderman Thompson have launched the ‘Living Leaves a Mark’ creative campaign cementing the organisation’s position as a leader of driving positive, sustainable change across Ireland for now and generations to come.

An Post has taken to become a pioneer in sustainability and their commitment to the community it serves. It acts as a reminder of the consequences of our collective actions and the role we can all play to create a better Ireland.

In recent years, An Post’s commitment to leaving a positive mark has been significant, with the organisation rolling out Ireland’s largest electric fleet to deliver sustainable e-commerce with zero emissions, setting up the Green Hub to help people transform their homes for greener living, post men and women checking in on the elderly and vulnerable in their communities and even turning their hand to bee-keeping.

“Now more than ever we need leaders that are thinking about the growth of their organisation with sustainability front of mind," said Enda Kelly, Managing Director, Folk Wunderman Thompson. "An Post takes its commitment to sustainability incredibly seriously, and this campaign hopefully illustrates how An Post is striving to leave a positive and sustainable mark on the communities that it serves in every corner of Ireland.”

“At An Post, we recognise that our operations impact every county, community, household and business in Ireland," added Debbie Byrne, Managing Director, An Post Retail. "We are one of the largest employers, maintain one of the largest fleets in Ireland and we have the largest retail network in the country.

We are committed to having a positive environmental and social impact with equality for all thus securing a more sustainable future for generations to come. We believe in enabling and making it easier for consumers to live more sustainably too.

The Green Hub, a one stop shop for home energy upgrades with Ireland’s lowest green loan rate is one such example. The ‘Living Leaves a Mark’ campaign brings together the many strands of An Post’s sustainability programme across doing, enabling and caring, guiding us to be better ancestors for generations to come.”

Holly Pereira has brought An Post’s sustainability pillars to life in a specially commissioned artwork, immortalising the extraordinary work of the organisation. The artwork will feature in the campaign across TV, outdoor, press, digital and social.