The Mr Tayto’sBucket List Campaign by Verve|Showrunner has won big at the distinguished Kinsale Sharks this year, picking up 4 Category Winning Awards and Winning 5 Overall.

The categories were:

PR/Tactical News Story (Ambient/PR)

Best Use of Social Media (Digital)

Best Use of Social Media for Influencer Content (Digital)

Food, Confectionery & Snacks (Digital)

Best Campaign (Integrated)

This PR and social media-based campaign took place earlier in the year, as the Tayto company took a big swing for the attention of the TikTok audience.

The narrative had Mr Tayto step back from his normal crisp-mascot duties, disappearing entirely from packaging, then popping back up to tick off his bucket list on an unprecedentedly large, intercontinental adventure.

The campaign was created by Verve|Showrunner, the Creative Production House within Verve, headed up by Sam Moorhead, Mikey Fleming and Jane Gray.Content for the campaign was produced with Kinsale’s Lost Studios, a film production company founded in 2020 by Cian Hamilton and Nic Cargin.

For anyone looking to check out more from the Mr Tayto’s Bucket List Campaign, you can see the entire stream of content on Tayto’s detailed microsite or check out any of Tayto’s socials on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.