Marketing Network Group are delighted to announce two new client partnerships for 2021. Adding to their roster of clients, the integrated creative agency are now working with LeasePlan and The Carbery Group. Marketing Network, Bubble Digital and Valda Boardman PR, all function under the umbrella of Irish owned, Marketing Network Group, uniquely offering all services from the one agency group.

“Dusting off the debris from a challenging year and in anticipation of the vaccination rollout to stabilse our nation, we are looking forward to working on exciting new projects across all of our client base. Carbery and LeasePlan are two very different industries and both have exciting and innovative plans for 2021. With insight and strategic planning, we are confident that there will be increased market growth this year and brands will re-establish their foothold in the market.” Says Kieran Killeen, MD, Marketing Network Group.


West Cork-based manufacturer Carbery, produce premium Irish cheese including Carbery Cracker and Dubliner. Carbery have worked with local producers since 1965. Marketing Network group will work with Carbery on their key cheese brands - Carbery Cracker and Dubliner. This year, the focus will be on developing integrated campaigns across the two brands. Social media, influencer engagement, and media relations strategies have already commenced on the newly launched Carbery Cracker packaging. The Group plan to launch more campaigns across both brands throughout the year.


LeasePlan, a fleet leasing service provider, will work with Marketing Network Group to promote leasing to Ireland’s SME and personal business sectors. It is an interesting time for this industry and will we see a change of behaviour in car ownership this year?