We played host to Lindsay Pattison, Global Chief Client Officer, WPP (see here for speaker bios) who shared with us the trends shaping the future of media; some great examples of what global brands are doing differently; and the role and responsibility of agencies in light of these current and future trends.

Lindsay's keynote address took a look at the below with concrete examples from brands in today's marketplace:

Trends Shaping the Future of Media

  • Consumption Patterns / Shifts : Mobile, CX
  • Commerce Rise
  • Automated / Programmatic Marketplaces (PMPs)
  • Personal, Scale, Ethical.
  • The Future of Identity in a Cookie-less World.

The Role and Responsibility of Agencies:

  • Privacy By Design
  • Brand Safety as a Core Strategy.
  • Global Supply Chain Transparency & Integrity
  • Media Ethics
  • Distribution, Diversity and Agility

We were then joined by Dee Forbes, Director-General, RTÉ and Susan Daly, Managing Editor, Journal Media in a panel discussion after Lindsay’s talk to share how their organisations are responding to the new normal and applying rigorous policies to ensure responsibility across all their platforms. This discussion was moderated by Mediaworks Deputy MD & IAPI Board member, Fiona Field.

There were some invaluable insights included in the discussion and the Q&A and you can play it back in the viewing window below.

You can also download a copy of Lindsay's presentation here.

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