Eurobest is once again set to host its annual Young Creative Competition in a virtual format for the year 2023, and the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) is thrilled to announce the 4 outstanding teams selected to participate in the Global Competitions. The Eurobest Young Creative Integrated Competition is dedicated to upholding the vibrant spirit of Eurobest, providing a platform for emerging creatives to showcase their talents.

This competition is a unique opportunity for emerging creatives to manifest their creativity and innovation. Additionally, it is also a preparatory round for the Cannes Young Lions Competitions, that will launch in January 2024.

The competition was judged by

In the rigorous selection process, all participating teams were tasked with addressing a creative brief presented by IAPI. The primary objectives was to assist IAPI in igniting awareness and a sense of passion for potential careers in the advertising industry within the next generation of talent. Furthermore, the teams were challenged to demonstrate the power of advertising and creative solutions in tackling societal issues and to help IAPI's member agencies attain fresh and diverse talent.

The 4 teams selected to represent Ireland in the Global Eurobest Young Creative Competition
The 4 teams selected to represent Ireland in the Global Eurobest Young Creative Competition

IAPI received highest number of entries to date for this competition, demonstrating an exceptional strong pool of creative talent. Amidst the entries four teams emerged as the standout contenders, securing their spot to represent Ireland in the Global Eurobest Young Creative Competition.

The selected teams are –

· Roisin O'Mahony, Copywriter and Faye Larkin, Illustrator/ Art Director - Boys + Girls

· Niamh Aremband, Copywriter and Ciara McCarthy, Account Executive– Droga 5 Dublin

· Barbara Masson, Digital Designer and Naoise Kiernan, Account Executive - Havas Creative Dublin

· Susan McGing, Creative Copywriter and Luz Estevan, Art Director - Pluto

IAPI wish to thank all the teams that put themselves forward and took part in the selection process. We wish the selected teams the very best of luck as they proceed to compete on the international stage later this month.

For more details head to the Eurobest website here>>