Dizzy Deliveries wins a Silver Clio Entertainment Award
Dizzy Deliveries wins a Silver Clio Entertainment Award

Dizzy Deliveries, the first Irish production to include the ‘Lámh’ sign language system, won a Silver Clio Entertainment Award in in the Public Relations for Social Good Category at a ceremony in the Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles last night (9th November). The category included submissions from global streaming giants such as Netflix, National Geographic and MTV.

The children’s series, which is made by Macalla, the TV & content production company, is a part of The Lámh Project created by Ringers Creative in 2022. The Lámh Project (of which Dizzy Deliveries is a key element) has already picked up a Clio Grand Prix award in the Health category earlier this year in New York.

The Clio Awards is an annual award program that recognises innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design, and communication, as judged by an international panel of advertising professionals.

Dizzy Deliveries is a 13-episode children’s TV show with Lámh signs which first aired on RTÉJr in October 2022. All the wonderful young people including Jack Bolger aged 7 from Waterford featured in Dizzy Deliveries either use or have used Lámh in their everyday lives and the series aims to ensure equal and inclusive on-screen representation for the nation’s children with disabilities.

The Lámh Project and launched in October last year to coincide with the premiere of the series on national television. It is a campaign of inclusion with the ambition of showing everyone how to say hello to everyone using Lámh, as demonstrated by Jack Bolger from Series 1. This multi-channel campaign, created by Ringers, aims to show the difference a simple ‘Hello’ can make to a child with intellectual disabilities or communication needs.

Since the campaign launch in October 2022, thousands of people in Ireland have learned to say ‘hello’ using Lámh. Today, as the Lámh sign system receives global recognition with the Dizzy Deliveries Clio Award, The Lámh Project is reissuing its national appeal for the public to learn how to say ‘Hello’ using Lámh, with the goal of enabling everyone in Ireland to be able to greet one another.

This simple act can bring a smile to thousands, who may otherwise only currently communicate with their family, SNAs and teacher and other support staff.

Commenting on the Clio Award, Bobby Byrne, Creative Director of Ringers said: “As an Irish agency, it’s a thrill for us to be awarded like this especially in a category with the global giants of streaming. It just goes to show what happens when committed creative people come together. We’re only getting started.”

Commenting on the Clio Award win, Cúán MacConghail, Executive Producer of Dizzy Deliveriessaid: “I speak for the entire team behind Dizzy Deliveries when I say that we are delighted and honoured to receive this recognition from the Clio Awards. It was very important to us that this show was designed to be fully inclusive, while fostering a movement of awareness for ‘Lámh’. The recognition from the Clio Awards highlights the importance of using media and entertainment as a platform to promote social good and inclusivity. We have been inspired by how well received it has been by viewers of all ages and we look forward to continuing to work with the Lámh Project on the ultimate goal of ensuring that everyone can say hello to everyone!”

Commenting on the Clio Award, Mary Cullen, General Manager of Lámh said: “Clio Award Recognition for the Dizzy Deliveries series is a remarkable achievement, particularly in the category of Public Relations for Social Good. The integration of Lámh sign into a national broadcast production has been a dream come true for us and is a landmark moment for increasing inclusivity and representation in mainstream media and society for people with intellectual disabilities and communication needs in Ireland. The Lámh Project’s simple mission is to teach everyone to say hello using Lámh, and we hope to use this award milestone to continue the momentum to reach our ultimate goal of everyone being able to say hello to everyone!