OMG hires Maia Chagoshvili through IAPI / Open Doors training programme.
OMG hires Maia Chagoshvili through IAPI / Open Doors training programme.

Following the collaborative training programme "Break into Advertising" presented by IAPI & Open Doors, we are delighted to announce the first direct hire as a result of this initiative.

Maia Chagoshvili joins Omnicom Media Group (OMG) as Social Media Executive following an internship on the OMG social team. Maia took part in the programme which provided participants from varying backgrounds with 1 month of online training. The training was provided with the help of 14 IAPI agencies and industry partners such as Choose Radio & TAM.

OMG partnered with two applicants, Hannatu and Maia.

"Great tutors and team. It turned out to be like family." Hannatu.

The benefits of what we are doing are two-fold – it will open up the labour market to some of those who have been unable to access it, and in doing so it will help us to attract and retain our future workforces.

"I'm originally from Georgia. I've been living in Ireland for 3 years. I have a bachelor degree in economics and I'm really interested in social media marketing. I am thrilled about my appointment and this amazing opportunity that IAPI, Open Doors and OMG gave me!" Maia Chagoshvili.

"Delighted you paired her with me, it worked out so well for both parties. OMG are committed to increasing the diversity of our workforce and this initiative is a brilliant way to bring new people into the industry" - Gemma Teeling, MD, PHD.

The programme could not have happened if it wasn't for the remarkable contribution made by you, our IAPI members. We are currently in the process of working out how we might run a second iteration of 'Break Into Advertising' and as soon as we know if a physical rather than virtual training programme is viable we will be back in touch with you with the details.

"The Open Doors Initiative members helped over 2,300 people on pathways to work last year with 33 companies. Membership and support have since increased to 45 organisations (a mix of multinational, SME, education and semi-state), Government departments and 24 Supporting Partners including various NGOS to create pathways to employability.

We are delighted to be now working with IAPI's members as well to further our work." - Jeanne McDonagh, CEO, Open Doors.

Maia Chagoshvili
Maia Chagoshvili
Social Media Executive