Championing Diversity & Inclusion
Championing Diversity & Inclusion

Highlighting Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) as a strategic and economic imperative. The Inclusion Network is an initiative we've launched to promote and ensure diversity and inclusion. Lead by our 'Inclusion Allies' to come up with industry specific solutions and drive progress in this area.

It is our mission to make Ireland's Creative Commercial Industry a leader of inclusion in the workplace.

We're IN are you?

To become an Inclusion Ally you must;

  • Complete Non-Conscious Bias Training – next session we have is 2 May 2019. Spaces are limited, please book here and if you have missed
  • Commit to demonstrating your Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) steps in progress twice yearly.

  • Promote inclusion through your own communications, especially LinkedIn.

Of course, participating in this programme is a benefit in itself but our Inclusion Allies will also get;

  • Membership of IAPI Inclusion Network LinkedIn group
  • Opportunity to promote your Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives through our channels
  • Resources through our Quarterly Inclusion Newsletter sharing relevant information and events of note
  • Participation - priority invitation to events such as our annual exclusive IWD event, Conversation Series and other relevant Diversity and Inclusion events throughout the year
  • Support from the network in your Diversity & Inclusion endeavours
  • Lots of Kudos and a special IAPI Inclusion Network Badge.

To get involved and become an IAPI Inclusion Ally;

Future Heads of Tomorrow on Equality, Diversity, Balance & Inclusion
Future Heads of Tomorrow on Equality, Diversity, Balance & Inclusion

Here's a video we filmed especially for our 2019 IWD event earlier this year (where The Inclusion Network was launched by IAPI Board Member Charlotte Barker, Deputy Managing Director at from the next generation.

We spoke with children from 3rd and 6th class in Griffeen Valley Educate Together School, Lucan. The video presented their unfiltered views on equality, diversity, balance and inclusion and juxtaposed their ideas with the perceived status quo of the modern work environment.