We need your help!
We need your help!

IAPI are looking to secure high-quality work-experience placements for TY & LCA students from three Dublin 1 DEIS Schools. The North East Inner City (NEIC) Initiative is a social regeneration initiative endorsed by the government involving local communities charged with creating opportunities to bring about lasting, positive change in the area.

According to Olive Ojo, NEIC - “Work experience has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of young people. Often, work placements can reflect and reproduce patterns of inequality with working class students getting working class placements and middle-class pupils experiencing the benefits of “professional placements.”

Key Dates and Contacts
Key Dates and Contacts

The NEIC has asked us here at IAPI to ask you, our members to provide as many work placements as possible for the students of the six DEIS schools that fall under this scheme.

There are currently 30 Students open to the February placement and 80 Students awaiting March placements.

The weeklong placement dates will take place over the following weeks:

  • Feb 20th – Feb 24th
  • Feb 27th - Mar 3rd
  • Mar 20th - 24th
  • Mar 27th -31st

To discuss how you and your Agency can work with NEIC and provide an opportunity, please contact NEIC Work Experience Placement Project Officer Oliv Ojo by emailing: [email protected] OR the National College of Ireland, Career Development & Employability Team by emailing: [email protected].

If you need any further information, you can also reach out to [email protected].

Here is what last year's agencies had to say:
Here is what last year's agencies had to say:

"The team at Marketing Network hugely enjoyed the experience of having two students join us as part of the NEIC work placement programme. Prior to their arrival, a full schedule of work across the various specialist departments at the agency was planned. They got to brainstorm, design logos, write copy, write a presentation, attend client meetings and even join a European trade show at the Convention Centre. Their commitment and enthusiasm was infectious and we fully enjoyed their presence over the five days. Having hosted many TY students, International erasmus students and final year university students over the years, the NEIC kids were a shining light and we expect that both have the ability to be a driving force in Irish industry in the years to come.”

- Kieran Killeen, Marketing Network

“When we welcomed two students of St Joseph's Fairview to take part in a week of work experience at the agency, we learned just as much from them as they did us. Students Nicholas and Luke attended both of our company-wide meetings; Company Monday, where we share department updates from all teams and celebrate the agencies recent work which has found fame both nationally and internationally, and our Wednesday Insights meeting, where we share work across all mediums.

Meeting all teams at Thinkhouse and learning about our three pillars PLANET, TRANSFORMATION and FAME, the students then dove into case studies of recent campaigns produced by Thinkhouse where they dissected the work brought to life by all teams collaboratively.

The learnings unfolded on both sides with Fiona O'Grady, our Content Strategy Director, commenting "I think they're even more obsessed with pop culture than me!". We enjoyed seeing the students become super comfortable and confident in Thinkhouse HQ, mixing with all Thinkers, and getting a feel for what it's like to work in one of the world's leading independent agencies”

- Billy Bunzari, Thinkhouse