HEINEKEN Ireland® has launched its national marketing campaign for its ‘Unexpectedly Refreshing’ stout newcomer; Island’s Edge. From this week, the new brew lands in off licences, pubs and bars around the country, following a soft launch in Dublin. An ambitious marketing campaign kicks off to propel national awareness alongside the retail roll out.

“We’ve worked closely with Heineken Ireland throughout the fascinating process of creating a new stout brand, from identity and packaging to through-the-line assets for the launch," said Creative Director, Adrian Fitz-Simon: The fact it all happened during the challenges of the pandemic makes it all the more satisfying now it’s finally out there. Our friends in Piranha Bar went above and beyond to produce the TV ad which depicts smooth transitions between our cities’ urban edges and the refreshing force of the sea. The combined team met recently to drink Island’s Edge in an actual pub and I can report it is indeed unexpectedly refreshing and totally delicious!”

Agency partners THINKHOUSE are responsible for the PR aspects of the campaign as well as the launch event which took place on Friday September 3rd in partnership with No Sleep Club events. Over 200 of Dublin’s culture creators arrived at the edge of the Docklands via speedboat for an evening of celebration and creation. Red Star, a dentsu company, are responsible for all media buying aspects of the campaign.

The new ‘Unexpectedly Refreshing’ stout is an innovative product which has been built in collaboration with bartenders, pub owners and stout fans across the country. The launch is supported by consumer research with almost 8 in 10 (80%) consumers in Ireland aged 25-35 believing there is room for more choice in the stout category, with 72% of this cohort stating that they would be interested in trialling a lighter tasting or more refreshing stout*. The main barrier for non-stout drinkers is that they perceive stout to be too heavy.

The creation of the product included progressive brewing innovation and continuingly questioning ‘If beer and cider categories can progress and offer more choice. Why can’t stout?’. Head brewer PJ Tierney discovered that adding tea to the process reduced bitterness and increased refreshment, with the addition of basil adding lightness and freshness. After 100 iterations of the brew, the team landed on Island’s Edge. Bringing this progressive spirit into every aspect of the brand, the team at Island’s Edge are confident that it’s progressive marketing campaign will resonate with the next generation of stout drinkers. The integrated ‘Unexpectedly Refreshing’ campaign goes live this week and has the ambition to make consumers think about trying something new in the stout category.

Creatively-led by Havas, the Island’s Edge TVC will bring to life the brand story, which profiles people at Ireland’s urban edges, depicting where bold new ideas are born. The TVC looks to bring to life the Irish entrepreneurial spirit; where the progress of the city meets the force of the sea and where the familiar evolves into something new, and anything is possible. This ethos is also represented in the brand’s modern logo. The colour palette of the TVC reflects the brand’s primary colours of orange, blue, white, grey and black and is creatively amplified by graphic, edgy transitions and effects. The TVC was directed by Richard Chaney and produced by Piranha Bar. A geo-targeted digital campaign, out of home digital and print, social & trade marketing executions will underpin the TVC.

“Finally, after two years we can tell the nation about Island’s Edge, a progressive brand and refreshing product born out of lockdown by a small but dedicated team at HEINEKEN Ireland®,"said Paula Conlon, Marketing Manager for Island’s Edge. "We’re so proud of this Island’s Edge stout and it’s creation and we are confident that this marketing campaign will help us win the hearts, minds and palettes of a new generation of stout drinkers. Everyone at HEINEKEN Ireland® is getting behind this product, and we can’t wait to see it come to life visually on screens, in print and through social content across all of the edges of Ireland, where the city meet the sea.”

“When we started developing Island’s Edge we played with over 100 recipes and countless ingredients to see what we could add to stout to achieve a really refreshing taste," said PJ Tierney, Head Brewer for Island’s Edge at HEINEKEN Ireland. "When we discovered that adding a touch of tea at just the right moment softens the bitterness of stout, making it smoother tasting, we knew we had landed on an unexpectedly refreshing pint of stout. We also kept the heritage of the traditional stout pour, but we knew Island’s Edge needed a different type of glass. After trying three types, consumers told us they loved the feel of the tall conical glass so everything about Island’s Edge is just a little unexpectedly refreshing. Myself and the brewing team in Cork are very proud to see the kegs rolling out to pubs, off licences and retail shelves across the country.”

Availability & Pricing
Availability & Pricing

Island’s Edge joins the brewery’s portfolio including Heineken®, Heineken® 0.0, Orchard Thieves, Birra Moretti, Desperados, Tiger, Coors, Fosters, Sol, Beamish & Murphy’s Stout, Pure Piraña and our range of specialty beers, including Lagunitas.

Most off licences and retailers nationwide will be fully stocked by mid September with Island’s Edge available in both 4 x 500ml & 8 x 500ml formats with an RRP of €8 & €14 respectively. For pubs and bars, nationwide roll out begins in September and will see Island’s Edge become a firm stout staple for Consumers across the country.