This Year, Next Year
This Year, Next Year

The latest GroupM This Year, Next Year Adspend Forecast document gives a comprehensive view of the ad marketplace, on a medium by medium basis and also provides detailed commentary explaining the reasons for the changes we have seen.

GroupM forecast that the total market in 2020 will be 17.2% down on 2019. This average will be lower still in Traditional Media with the exception of Radio and better in Digital Media.

We do see positive news on the horizon, as we expect the Irish advertising market to grow by 10% next year which compares favourably to global advertising which is expected to grow by 8.2% next year (excluding 2019 U.S. political advertising spend from the calculations).

This would bring us back to 2017 levels in Ireland in constant currency terms.

Global figures
Global figures

When we compare this to Global figures, we see that (including US political advertising) global advertising is forecast to decline by 9.9%

Within this, we see a varying level of decline by market as follows:

  • Japan -20%
  • UK -12.5%
  • Germany -9.9%
  • France -15%
  • Canada -5.1%
  • South Korea -1.8%
  • Australia -19%