Hear young people from around the globe discuss the impact of food systems & climate change, and the importance of creativity as a tool for change.
Hear young people from around the globe discuss the impact of food systems & climate change, and the importance of creativity as a tool for change.

GOAL NextGen’s X-Change podcast has officially launched. The campaign is designed to explore themes of global citizenship in a changing world. The podcast series connects young changemakers across the globe supporting cross-cultural collaborations and aims to explore and deepen understanding of global justice issues on multiple levels.

Speaking on GOAL’s venture into the world of podcasting, GOAL’s Global Citizenship Manager, Victoria Walshe, said:
"At GOAL NextGen, we're on a mission to inspire young minds in Ireland and worldwide. We're all about fuelling the creativity, ideas, and positivity of young activists who are determined to make a difference. Our podcast is the place for these changemakers to share their thoughts and connect with peers, as well as inspirational problem-solvers tackling global issues like hunger and food systems.”

She continued “...our GOAL NextGen X-Change series delves into conversations on topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals, bringing a real and relevant perspective to young listeners. We believe in exploring diverse points of view and experiences to deepen our collective understanding."

The first episode of the GOAL NextGen X-Change series is now live everywhere podcasts are available. The conversation took place during this year’s IMMA EARTH RISING festival, an event aimed at addressing the climate crisis and inspiring collective action towards a sustainable and hopeful future.

The second episode, recorded in Dublin at the launch of ‘Spark’ - a music and visual art project where Artists and Musicians from across the globe, collaborated and shared ideas, sounds, learnings and cultural nuances. Guests include singer Celaviedmai, designer Paula Roldán and spoken word artist Adam Mohamed. You’ll also hear from music producer Edna Martinez and artist Grace Enemaku.

Episode three features changemakers and activists, James Gomez Thompson, The Great Oven founder, Amanda Adewole the activist and content creator, and Vikki Walshe, GOAL Global Citizenship Manager.

Our host for all three discussions is RTÉ presenter and activist Emer O’Neill said: “The GOAL NextGen X-Change podcast is an example of the kind of creative collaboration the world needs right now. We had a dynamic lineup of NextGen members taking part in this conversation who talked about their communities’ experiences and the importance of solidarity, connection, and creativity in bringing about meaningful change in the world. ”

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