Who is on the Committee?

Aoibhín Lennon is the Future Heads representative on the IAPI board.

What is the Committee concerned with?
The aim of the Future Heads committee is to give younger people in the industry a voice. It is aimed at individuals who want to play a part in shaping the future of our industry. Our main focus this year is attracting talent, fostering relationships and building a community for the younger generation in advertising to feel a part of.

What are our Goals and Objectives in 2016?
The objective is to drive participation within the Future Heads committee. This year we will revamp “The Big Grill” and host an advertising recruitment event “ASKvertising” for students to attend and learn more about why they should think about a career in this dynamic field. We aim to connect with agencies on an ongoing basis, we want share ideas and find out exactly what it is our younger generation connect with.

The Work Plan
Our first event in 2016 is “ASKvertising” which will take place on the 21st of April. We will then focus our attention to planning the “Summer Party” which will be taking place July 21st this year. Following this we will be scheduling some “Inspire” sessions later on in the year.

Get in touch!
We would love to hear from you, contact Aoibhín Lennon aoibhin.lennon@mediavest.ie or find all of our Future Head committee contacts here.