The objective of The Dove Self-Esteem Project is to help arm the next generation with the tools they need to grow up enjoying a positive relationship with the way they look rather than the scary insights that can be seen coming through in research – which has revealed that 6 in 10 boys and 9 in 10 girls do not have high body self-esteem.

In year 2 of DSEP in Ireland, Edelman Dublin set out to identify opportunities where they could further infiltrate the lives of young people effectively while also showing our actionist approach for 2022. To help tackle the stark stats from thier research and make a change that lasts, they facilitated a sponsorship between Dove and Shine Festival this October, which was an exciting hybrid event created by a not for profit called The Shona Project.

The event itself brought together over 2,000 teenage girls, was streamed to 15,000 girls in classrooms across the country and had 100 empowering and impressive online and in-person speakers including our Dove Self-Esteem Project Ambassadors. Dove was the sponsor of The Wellness Stage which was a fully virtual stage that hosted inspiring speaker interviews, information and other interactive activities for students and teachers to view throughout the festival and post.

Edelman Dublin also designed and developed a self-love wall powered by The Dove Self-Esteem Project. Here students were encouraged to write something they loved about themselves. It quickly became the busiest stand at Shine, and it was amazing to see the breadth of affirmations written by the young girls.

In the lead up to Shine two of thier DSEP ambassadors spoke to media about their role with DSEP and the Shine Festival sponsorship, securing 14 earned pieces of earned media a potential reach of 9 million, Vs KPI of 4 million. The 5 Dove influencers created content related to DSEP and Shine to drive the conversation further on social achieving a potential reach of 336,000.