For your Diversity & Inclusion reference and research...
For your Diversity & Inclusion reference and research...

Here's a list of articles, projects, research and initiatives we've compiled from across the international Creative Commercial Industry and beyond for your reference. For more industry news check out the Diversity & Inclusion section of our blog.

Articles and Interviews

Campaign Article, June 2019 - Seven Ways to Drive Diversity & Inclusion Article, April 2019 - How to tackle implicit bias: awareness, acceptance, action

Cannes Lions Podcast, May 2019 - Why is everyone struggling so much with inclusion, equality and diversity?

TechCrunch, June 2019 - The Future of Diversity and Inclusion in Tech, May 2019 - Diversity is good for business, and if you don't believe that, your business won't last long

IBEC Newsletter, May 2019 - Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: the importance of inclusiveness

Dublin Inquirer, April 2019 - Here's How to Be a Good Ally to People Facing Discrimination

Training & Speaker Events

The Streetwise MBA - Inclusive Leadership Training

September 2019 - National Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2019

Projects, Resources & Initiatives

Pantene, S.H.E. fighting search engine bias -

Irish Centre for Diversity, Check your job ad bias - Gender Decoder

JWT Folk, Female Tribes Study - What it means to be a woman in Ireland today

Channel 4, Diversity in Advertising Award - 2019 Brief

ENAR Ireland, Quarterly reports on racism in Ireland based on data collected through

IAPI Inclusion Ally Network
IAPI Inclusion Ally Network

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