The Government have issued a roadmap for the country to get back to work. As you know our members are keen to get back on set safely as soon as we can and as such we are all now working towards a phased return to work within the Government road map.

There are no specific guidelines in the roadmap relating to film, in the absence of this our members are interpreting the guidelines on a script by script basis.

Generally initial shoots will:

  • be with smaller
  • with larger outdoor and studio shoots happening in the later phases
  • social distancing will be observed until further guidance is issued

Every script is unique and there may be a number of ways in which a script can be approached, so we would always recommend that agencies talk to a production company in relation to specific projects and they can advise what they feel is feasible and in what timeframe within the guidelines.

As Covid-19 is something we may be living with for some time, CPI have put together an addendum to the our contract which deals specifically with C-19

Purpose and background to this document
Purpose and background to this document

To ensure that the advertiser, agency and production company entering into a standard CPI Agreement to produce a commercial have the clearest possible understanding of the financial consequences of a production being postponed, relocated or cancelled as a result of Coronavirus. The agency will only be able to enter into this agreement if the advertiser authorises them to.

Production companies and agencies are unable to insure against the effect of the Coronavirus (which is true of any communicable illness). The force majeure clause in the contract (clause 19) may or may not cover a Coronavirus cancellation (and will not cover a relocation or postponement) depending on the circumstances and so it is critical that the financial consequences of a relocation, postponement or cancellation resulting from Coronavirus are entirely clear to all parties at the point at which the production company is contracted.