"Choose words that heal, not hurt"
"Choose words that heal, not hurt"

Following on from the success of last year’s collaborative BelongTo campaign to support Stand Up Awareness Week, the #ComeIn Campaign is promoting inclusivity in schools and shedding a much needed light on the struggles of LGBTQ+ students. Moving on from the ‘words that hurt’ messaging of last year, this year’s message is focusing on ‘words that heal’. The concept is driven from what the LGBTQ+ community wished they heard in school, words and affirmations that show solidarity, acceptance and support.

Stand Up Awareness Week is Ireland’s largest anti LGBTI+ bullying campaign, running from Monday 14 to Friday 18 of November. This year the campaign aims to educate students and teachers about the harm their words can have, even if they are spoken without malicious intent.

In an effort to combat this, this year's campaign will educate this audience on what they should respond with, so that young LGBTQ+ people can grow up hearing healing words and find solace in their school environment.

In the face of so many hurtful words, we can often feel powerless. But if words have the power to hurt, then they also have the power to heal. This year's campaign places the focus on the positive impact of using healing words.

So how can you show support during Stand Up Awareness Week?
So how can you show support during Stand Up Awareness Week?

What NOT to say:

  • It’s probably just a phase
  • Please don’t tell anyone else
  • You don’t look gay
  • I can’t believe you would do this to me
  • I am so disappointed in you
  • What will people think?

What to say:

  • I love you no matter what
  • I’m so glad you told me!
  • What do you need?
  • Tell me more, I want to understand.
  • How can I support you?

As part of Stand Up Awareness Week, Belong To is urging allies to ‘Stand Up’ and ‘Come In’ so that nobody has to come out. This can be done in six simple steps:

  1. Reassurance - Reassure them of your continued friendship
  2. Acceptance - Show that you accept them for who they are
  3. Affirmation - Let them know you support and are there for them
  4. Solidarity - Challenge LGBTQ+phobic, comments, attitudes, behaviour and social posts
  5. Sharing - Share articles and posts from supportive organisations
  6. Education - Take time to learn more about the issues facing LGBTI+ young people and how to be an ally to them
Special Thanks To:
Special Thanks To:

Special thanks to Rebekah Stacey, Lead Copywriter, Teneo, Andréa Henry, Senior Consultant, Teneo, and Cara Spillane, Consultant, Teneo, for coordinating with all agencies, steering the creative idea and successfully project managing this year’s Belong To Campaign.

Also to Raphael Silva, Motion Graphics Designer/ Art Director, Droga5Dublin, Susan McGing, Creative & Copywriter, Pluto and Luz Estevan, Art Director, Pluto, for developing the creative idea and helming such a wonderful production.

A big shout out to all the agencies and production companies that have contributed to make this powerful campaign and to the agency management for supporting them: TBWA Dublin, BBDO Dublin, Thinkhouse, Pluto, Droga5Dublin, Mindshare, RTÉ, Adrian Wotjas, Orla Cashell, Core, Elevate PR and Verve.

2FM for airing the campaign on the radio, giving it such amazing editorial coverage over the month of November.

Agency Team:

- Project Manager: Andréa Henry and Cara Spillane, Teneo

- Digital Creative: Rebekah Stacey, Teneo

- Senior Planner: Ronán Jennings , BBDO

- Junior Strategist: Phumi Kubeka, TBWA

- Social Strategist: Aimee Doyle, Connections Strategist: Alex Boucher, BBDO

- Community Manager: Callum Dunne, TBWA

- Copywriter: Susan McGing, Pluto

- Art Director: Luz Estevan, Pluto

- Motion Graphics Designer/ Art Director: Raphael Silva, Droga5Dublin

- Media Manager: Mark Hughes, Mindshare

- Marketing: Aoife O’Regan, RTÉ

- Photographer: Adrian Wojtas, Freelance

- Creative Consultant: Niall Staines, TBWA

- Research: Alana Devitt, Core

- PR: Rachel Farrell and Shona Hutchinson, Elevate PR

- Social Media Manager: Jonathan Moore, Verve

Clients who donated radio spots and their Media Agency Groups:

Volvo Ireland, Bord Gáis Energy (Mindshare), Coca Cola, Allianz (Mediacom), ESB Corporate, Vodafone, Bank of Ireland, Electric Ireland Residential, The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, Nivea (Carat), Energia, IKEA (DentsuX), Giveblood.ie, Sony Pictures, Renault, Virgin Media, Irish Water, Aer Lingus, Bus Eireann (OMD), Audi (PHD).

Digital Out of Home Sponsors: Talon, Clear channel, Wide Eye Outdoor, Kleerex Global and Promo

Production Company: Mutiny Studios

Director: Adrian Wojtas and Raphael Silva

Photographer: Adrian Wojtas

Photographer Assist: Karolina Złocka

Creative Producer: Raphael Silva

Producers: Andréa Henry and Rebekah Stacey

Stylist: Orla Cashell

Art Department: Susan McGing, Luz Estevan and Raphael Silva

Studio: Droga5 Creative Studio

BTS Videographer: Martha Mac Nulty

Cast: Celtic; Nicole; Leon; Leo; Eric; Georgia; Fernanda.

Download Words That Heal images here
Download Words That Heal images here

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