Gaming has been identified by Coca-Cola Zero Sugar as the biggest value opportunity for their Gen Z audience.

In February 2022, Coca-Cola briefed Edelman to help them drive relevance and credibility in the gaming space to support the awareness focused campaign centred around their new integrated marketing campaign. The campaign focus was a series of partnerships with global multiplayer game League of Legends, Hyper X and Xbox.

Edelman’s brief was to find the local angle for our Gen Z gaming community to ensure this global campaign launch would truly connect with Gen Z gamers across the island of Ireland. Coca-Cola challenged Edelman to link Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with Gen Z’s gaming screentime in a credible and authentic way, while driving awareness of the transaction driver in store.

They answered this brief by identifying 2 secondary audiences within the target, Pro and Casual Gamers.

Edelman devised an influencer eco-system of x7 gamers whose experience spanned across a spectrum of pro and casual levels. Their role was to inform and encourage their followers to enter the competition for the chance to win some epic gaming prizes. Using authentic gamers with relevant influence drove credibility with the Gen Z audience. They also designed and developed The Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Ultimate Loot Box to gift a wider cohort of gaming influencers and further drive social surround sound about Coca-Cola’s link with the gaming screentime moment.

The influencer content overperformed against all KPIs, achieving 14,289 engagements vs a KPI of 9,600, all with 100% positive sentiment vs KPI of 75%. Our Influencer’s Instagram stories had a retention rate average of 87% vs KPI of 75% and the conversation regarding the Loot Boxes was overwhelmingly positive.