IAPI’s Talent Attraction Campaign sponsored by Media Central & PML goes live in October.
IAPI’s Talent Attraction Campaign sponsored by Media Central & PML goes live in October.

Thanks to our wonderful team of industry collaborators led by Keith O’Connor in IAPI, our audio campaign is now ready to go live so we wanted to share it with you in advance. This will be followed with social and OOH also in October.

We are aware that creating a campaign for our industry is going to attract a huge amount of scrutiny from you all, especially the creatives amongst you! I wanted to let you know how this campaign came to life so you are reassured that it was carefully researched, and the insights gleaned led us to the creative platform which was created, executed and further sense checked by your peers.


Our Target Audience

Our target audience are diverse, creative, digital natives aged 18-25 years old. School leavers up to 2nd jobbers. In particular, those from rural Ireland and/or lower socio-economic backgrounds who may not have thought about a career in advertising.

What do we want them to feel as a result of the campaign?

- Consider/Re-consider advertising as a viable and compelling career option.

What do we want them to do as a result of the campaign?

- Log onto www.careerbreak.ie – the career and jobs section of the IAPI website which provides relevant content about our industry and what it’s like to work there.

- Apply for jobs in our industry.

​Insights and Creative Platform
​Insights and Creative Platform

Thank you Thinkhouse for your help in this vital part of the process. What did their Youth Lab uncover about our audience? Well, loads but here are the key insights that formed the creative platform they devised…

a) They’re under huge pressure to succeed

  • The routes to success aren’t always the same and can’t be predicted in this ever-changing world.
  • They fear not living up to their potential but aren’t quite sure what that is yet.

b) They have high short-term expectations and ethics

  • They don’t want to be restricted by their environment
  • They want to feel they have a purpose and can make their mark

c) Their barriers to entering the world of advertising are:

  • Complete lack of awareness
  • Misunderstanding of the industry (Mad Men)
  • Distrust of the industry – capitalist, inauthentic…
  • If they have studied marketing, they have a preference for client side or FAANGs

Where did we believe our sweet spots lay with this audience?

  • You can thrive in an industry that embraces the weird, the wonderful, the creative.
  • You are valued if you do things differently and look at the world through a different lens.
  • You have the power to change a nation’s thinking through your interactions with Irish consumers.
Campaign Execution
Campaign Execution

Ultimately there will be several strands to this campaign as we roll it out over the next 6 months. As we are dependent on the goodwill of our media partners, we don’t have the freedom of choosing exactly where and when our campaign might appear.

Insight: It’s impossible to succeed, or have an impact, if you feel restricted.

Implementation: Highlight the endless possibilities the ad industry provides individuals by showcasing the impact of giving people personal and creative freedom.

You will hear the audio campaign online or on air through Media Central channels in October. Below you will find links to 6 executions, all of which are 30”. However, we have a variety of 20” and 10” versions that will form part of the plan.

PML Group have also agreed to providing us with OOH sites – we’ll send you the creative for this when it has been finalised.

And of course, we will create a social campaign to include campus.ie courtesy of Havas Dublin.

Our many contributors...
Our many contributors...

The originator of the creative platform for CareerBreak.ie - Dave Byrne, Creative Director, Thinkhouse.

The superb creative duo that came up with the concept and executions for this campaign - Tom Connolly in Bloom and Shane O’Hare in The Public House.

Everybody that formed our focus group to sense check the creative direction who also became the ‘Voiceovers’ for our audio campaign. They were complete pros…

  • Jamie Fulham, Core
  • Edel Quinn, Chemistry
  • Ciara McKeown, Dentsu Aegis
  • Aine O’Boyle, Havas
  • Stephen Kelly, Havas
  • Zsofi Toth, Havas
  • Zoe Higgins, Havas
  • Tiffany Mongey, Javelin
  • Ciara O’Connor, Mindshare
  • Jane Casey, Pluto
  • Conor Cunniffe, Rothco
  • Clara Traynor, Rothco
  • Tom Kelleher, Wavemaker

To Screen Scene who gave us a whole morning in Studio and spent a huge amount of time in post-production to give us the campaign we needed.

And to Media Central & PML for providing the media space.

A truly collaborative process for which I, and all of us in IAPI are extremely grateful.