IAPI begins their search for ExtROARdinary talent
IAPI begins their search for ExtROARdinary talent

On 24th January over 200 potential Young Lions gathered in the Lighthouse Cinema for the launch of this year's 2020 Young Lions competition.

We were delighted to be joined by our sponsors Pull the Trigger, Sky Ireland, PRII/PRCA, Core, Smurfit Kappa, Facebook and Choose Rado. We will be sending teams to take part in ALL categories - Film, Print, PR, Media, Design, Digital and Young Marketers with thanks to these sponsors.

Teams will compete in the national heats in Ireland in February/March 2020, with the winners proceeding to the International competition in Cannes from 20 - 26 June 2020.

If you're 30 or under, the Cannes Young Lions competition in June is the best place to showcase and celebrate your creativity on a global stage. For specific details on a category or to register your team please click below:

Advice, Hints and Tips
Advice, Hints and Tips

All of our sponsors provided great hints and tips on the day, as well as examples of creative work. The presentation deck from the launch event can be downloaded below. Here are a few more last minute pieces of advice before you register:


Always think twice and try to be as unique as possible. If it’s the most obvious idea for something you can guarantee that some of the other teams will have come up with a similar concept. When the jury members see 3 or 4 versions of a similar popular approach to a problem then unfortunately they start to discount it because it means that idea was not unique enough. Winning Ideas are different – they have cut-through and they stand out for their unusual approach - so think differently.


Don’t be limited by budgets or whether something is likely to happen for a small Irish based charity. Some categories are activated, some aren’t but this is an exercise in creativity so aim high.

We were asked some questions last year about the feasibility of some winners but feasibility is not the most important thing. As long as the thing you are proposing could:

  1. Legally happen
  2. Doesn’t go against the ethos of the charity

Go for it…


Where possible if we can understand your idea in one image – do it! Sure, you can fit a lot of text in every slide and really explain your idea but it’s not appealing to look at and it’s boring to present with. When shortlisted you must present with the slides you submitted – no changes are allowed - so bear that in mind. If something has a really clear visual, concept and creative line – it can be understood in one image.


Have a unifying singular idea that runs through as well. Don’t muddle your message! When you come up with something make sure that everything you’re doing always relates back to a central concept. This is a creative competition and anything you add into your presentation should relate back to the central idea. Don’t add lots of other ideas just to throw the kitchen sink at it. You can diversify and have multiple executions of your one idea but always keep it that it is coming back to the same central creative concept… Have the courage of your convictions! Be Confident.


Choose your partner wisely – it’s a tough intense competition and it can be difficult to work together and live together in Cannes.

If you have a partner you work with regularly in the agency, it might be a good idea to go with them as you’re a known creative combo. If you don’t, you can pair up with a friend from elsewhere.

With that in mind, some people have already been in touch with me who wish to take part in the competition but are on their own. If you too are a Lonely Lion, then please email katherine@iapi.com and I will do my best to pair you up.

Download the Launch Presentation
Download the Launch Presentation
Check out what our sponsors had to say on the day...