‘Because Every Child Deserves A Life’
‘Because Every Child Deserves A Life’

BUMBLEance, the children’s ambulance service, launches an emotional film to highlight the vital service they provide for sick children and their families. Created by TBWA\Dublin, for BestDrive by Continental – a proud supporter of BUMBLEance - the film aims to raise awareness and funds for this vital service.

‘Because Every Child Deserves A Life’, is a heart-warming fundraising film that tells the story of one brave young girl, Ellie, and her mum, Caroline, during their frequest hospital visits facilitated by the BUMBLEance service. It’s a journey of discovery that follows their experience from diagnosis and difficulty to comfort and care, as well as one of hope for many families across Ireland.

BUMBLEance is the world’s first interactive ambulance purposefully designed for children, and aims to help alleviate the difficulties that families of sick children are met with, including financial hardship and the stress often associated with medical transport to and from hospital visits for apointments, procedues, and ongoing treatment.

The fleet has regular ambulance amenities and is additionally equipped with a range of games and fun to distract, comfort, and entertain patients as they are transported between their homes, hospitals, treatment centres, and hospices across Ireland. Over 2,000 trips a year are provided with this aim to create a secure, safe – and fun – environment for Ireland’s youngest patients and their families, giving a lift, literally, figuratively, and emotionally.

And it’s this uplifting note that the film emphasises. Filmed and directed by Matthieu Chardon, produced by Megan Brady, and with Leah Byrne as an instrumental Assistant Director, the BOLT team brought together the striking creative idea by TBWA\Dublin on behalf of their client BestDrive by Continental, who help keep BUMBLEance’s fleet on the road.

Eddie Ryan, Marketing Director, BestDrive by Continental: ‘BestDrive are honoured to have supported BUMBLEance for several years. This vital service is a core component to Irish families who have children in need of constant medical care, and its essential that we continue help this wonderful charity build awareness of their service and hopefully get new supporting partners. The partnership with TBWA/Dublin and Bolt allowed us to invest with confidence that this video would serve that exact purpose.’

Anna Early, Corporate Fundraising Manager, BUMBLEance: ‘BUMBLEance is thrilled with this advertisment funded by Best Drive, this partnership has been a longstanding relationship between Best Drive and BUMBLEance. It takes the pressure off knowing we can provide safe and comfortable journeys without the financial impact to the charity. This ad showcases exactly what we do and the type of families that avail of BUMBLEance. BUMBLEance is growing, and we would like to ensure that anyone that needs our service utilises BUMBLEance for their regular hospital trips. With that, we can concentrate on building awareness and funds to keep this service free and accessible to all.’

‘It’s rewarding to make work that can have a real positive impact on the lives of children living with illness and promote the service that BUMBLEance provides. It’s a deeply important CSR initiative from BestDrive.’ Adam Crane, Creative Lead.

‘It’s the power of BOLT to come together and make the family, especially Ellie, feel self and welcomed to tell their story. We wanted to make sure we had an intimate crew to safeguard this collaboration.’ Matthieu Chardon, Director and Cinematographer, BOLT.