IAPI are providing a mentoring partnership with The Open Doors Initiative to link up IAPI member employees and agencies with Open Doors clients, to help them towards employability.

Under the banner of "Break into Advertising" IAPI & Open Doors want to provide 20 people with 1 month of online training planned to launch in January 2021. The training will be provided over a four week period by participating IAPI members and Open Doors.

The benefits of what we are doing will be two-fold – it will open up the labour market to some of those who have been unable to access it; and in doing so it will help us to attract and retain our future workforces.

The ask of you as a participating agency is that you will provide one to one mentoring, advice and training assistance during the training month and the offer of a three-month paid internship upon the completion of the training.

We were joined by Open Doors CEO Jeanne McDonagh for the Launch of "Break into Advertising". Jeanne explained how this joint programme will support marginalised groups in accessing training, work experience, mentoring and employment.

She points out the relevance and benefits of ensuring your workforce is as diverse and representative as possible, particularly during uncertain times such as now. The benefits to industry bottom lines, staff morale and competitive advantage are all laid out in this McKinsey report.

We are now seeking 20 member agencies to sign up to this programme. Details of the programme - the ask, the execution and key dates can all be accessed in the launch deck attached here.

We acknowledge that we are in uncharted waters, but you, our IAPI members have paved a remarkable path through the pandemic and that can only be enhanced by participation in this programme.

If you need any assistance or further information about the programme please don't hesitate to contact Keith@iapi.com.