Under the banner of "Break into Advertising" IAPI & Open Doors will provide 15 people with 1 month of online training launching in January 2021.

The training programme will be provided over a four week period by 14 participating IAPI members and Open Doors. The benefits of what we are doing will be two-fold – it will open up the labour market to some of those who have been unable to access it; and in doing so it will help us to attract and retain a diverse future workforce.

We are absolutely thrilled to be at this point in our partnership with Open Doors. This programme will provide access to people from direct provision centres, foreign nationals and people from different socio economic backgrounds.

This project is testament to the conviction of our members in their acknowledgement of the need for a deeper assessment and execution of Diversity & Inclusion within our industry.

"The Open Doors Initiative members helped over 2,300 people on pathways to work last year with 33 companies. Even before Covid, nearly 70% of people with a disability couldn’t gain access to the labour market. An early school leaver is twice as likely to be unemployed than another person aged 18-24. We are delighted to be now working with IAPI's members as well to further our work."

Jeanne McDonagh (CEO Open Doors).

The business case for inclusion and diversity is also well established. A study of 1000 companies across 12 countries by McKinsey found that companies with ethnic and cultural diversity had 33% increase in performance.

If you would like further information about the programme please don't hesitate to contact Keith@iapi.com.