Featuring one very cool granny, an unbelievably catchy Bo Diddly cover track, and lots of slick graphics - the new BBDO Dublin campaign for the RSA (Road Safety Authority) is a reminder of the vulnerability of older pedestrians on our roads and the need for all road users to look out for each other.

“The challenge with this campaign was striking a balance between highlighting the vulnerability of older pedestrians on the roads, while at the same time not wanting to discourage older people from getting out walking," said Shane O’Brien, ECD, BBDO Dublin.

We were also conscious that we have all seen a lot of hard hitting, emotively impactful public safety messaging over the last couple of years, so we didn’t want to add to the finger wagging. Instead, we wanted to create something positive, upbeat and unexpected. So, as we emerged from lockdown, a cool grandma strutting to Bo Diddly with bombastic, colourful graphics bringing all her unspoken interactions to life seemed to strike the right chord.”

Research showed that pedestrians over the age of 65 are over represented in road collisions. However, neither older pedestrians nor drivers are aware that older pedestrians are at increased risk on the roads.

Walking has a hugely beneficial effect on both the mental and physical health of people over 65, so we in no way wanted to discourage older people from getting out and walking. Rather, we wanted to make sure that they do so safely," said Brian Farrell, Communications Manager at the RSA.

Drivers have very little awareness of the challenges faced by older pedestrians and the adjustments they should be making to improve their safety. So, we have targeted drivers in the ad as they have the capacity to make a bigger difference to safety rates. Overall, this upbeat campaign reminds people that we all share the roads and only when we “look out for each other”, can we keep each other safe.”

The 50 second spot was produced by Antidote, directed by Henry Mason with graphic work by Mathematic. The campaign will run until 7th November with another 30 second version airing from Monday 18th October; across TV and VOD, with VOD length versions at 6, 10 and 20 seconds.