Allianz Ireland is delighted to launch a ground-breaking campaign, #StopTheDrop, dedicated to reversing the worrying decline in sports participation among Irish schoolchildren. The campaign was created by F&B Huskies.

Allianz's Commitment to Irish Sports: As a dedicated champion of Irish sport, Allianz Ireland's support has been pivotal in the realm of Gaelic Games, including the Allianz Leagues, All-Ireland Senior Football Championship and Allianz Cumann na mBunscol. Since 2006, Allianz has also played a significant role in backing the Paralympic movement, demonstrating its commitment to inclusivity in sport for all. In 2021, this dedication took a further leap as Allianz expanded its support to encompass both the Olympic and Paralympic movements on national and international stages. This broadened sponsorship is highlighted by supporting outstanding athletes, including Olympic sprinter Rhasidat Adeleke and Paralympic champion Ellen Keane, showcasing Allianz's commitment to celebrating excellence in all spheres of the sporting world.

Addressing a National Challenge: With the creative ideation informed by cultural research commissioned with B&A, Allianz Ireland have worked alongside all their sponsorship partners as well as Sport Ireland to gain a deep understanding of the societal issue of sport participation in Ireland today.

Speaking on the campaign, Mark Brennan Head of Marketing with Allianz Ireland, said “Figures from Sport Ireland’s own research reveal a big drop among children participating in sports as they move from primary to secondary school, with one in five opting out of sport altogether. This concerning trend is a problem for Irish sport but also worrying for our children’s happiness. As Ireland's top insurer for schools and one of the largest supports of sport in the country, Allianz is committed to tackling this challenge head-on.”

Damian Hanley Executive Creative Director with F&B Huskies said “Allianz believe that insurance should be about living life fully, not carefully. And as the largest insurer of school children in Ireland, they know that sport is a key element in helping children learn that. #StopTheDrop is a great example of a brand living up to its beliefs and we are very proud of this important campaign.”

The Creative Campaign: The scale of the problem is brought to life in a new TVC that uses a mountain-sized pile of sports equipment. From tennis rackets and footballs to bikes and swimming goggles, every piece represents the abandoned hopes and dreams of thousands of children around the country. #StopTheDrop aims to capture the audience's attention through a dynamic multimedia strategy, encompassing TV, Video On Demand (VOD), social media, and Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising.

#StopTheDrop Initiative: This campaign goes beyond merely raising awareness; it is a call to action for real change. Allianz invites everyone to engage with a suite of comprehensive activities at designed to make a tangible difference. This innovative programme equips coaches and educators with evidence-based methods, aiming to inspire and keep young people in sport for longer. Allianz’s dedication is clear: to reverse the trend of declining sports participation and to nurture the next generation of Irish athletes.

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