Last year, as part of the through the line campaign ‘We Are Made to Mix’, Absolut launched the Absolut Clubbing Council, a campaign that for the first time saw a brand actively support creators and venues within nightlife culture. Working with agency partners THINKHOUSE, Absolut Ireland planned, developed and launched the Absolut Clubbing Council.

The campaign began In 2021 when Absolut carried out research to find out what the Absolut consumer group of progressive connectors truly cared about. The research asked people what was important in their lives, how they socialise & meet friends, the importance of clubbing to them and where they found creativity and inspiration.

The research identified bars and nightclubs as significant places that played an important role in the lives of young people today, offering them a place where they find their tribe and spark their creativity. Absolut’s We Are Made To Mix research confirmed the importance of coming together: 71% said “going out to enjoy music, dance, socialise and meet new people is really important in my life”. Absolut’s research also uncovered how vital Ireland believes clubbing is: 81% claiming clubbing culture creates space for spontaneous connection.

Absolut saw an opportunity to support an area of life important to its drinkers and agreed with the 71% of respondents that said that “brands should support up and coming promoters to create new clubbing experiences”. Inspired by what they saw to be the unacceptable demise of our dancefloors and club spaces, the campaign saw Absolut develop a never-been-done-before activation to support day & night club culture in Ireland – supporting promoters, venues and punters who want to attend creative & engaging club events.

The campaign appointed an assembly of key personalities in club culture to form the Absolut Clubbing Council; Krystal Klear, an internationally known Irish DJ, Andrea Horan, club culture activist; and Souletiquette, event promoters & record label. This line up created the Absolut Clubbing Council. Together with the Clubbing Council, Absolut launched a campaign to promoters and creators to apply for funding to create a bespoke clubbing event, in a move of support they hope will bring the shine back to the disco ball of the Irish clubbing scene.

The campaign execution consisted of a PR launch and earned media campaign, innovative 3D content formats promoted across social & digital advertising and influencer marketing.

The winner was Temporary Pleasure, a collective of architects and club creatives fighting the disappearance of Irish club spaces. Their club-building workshops empower participants to create DIY venues. Together, they will design, build, and bring a prototype club space to life in just five days. The collaboration and inclusivity aspect was so exciting, it was something that Absolut and the Clubbing Council believe can contribute to a better dance floor, better music, and opportunities for community-building beyond the club. The event is taking place this Saturday, August 13th 2022.

Jane Goldrick, Brand Manager at Absolut speaking on the Absolut Clubbing Council Campaign said:

“We were blown away with the support for the Absolut Clubbing Council initiative, people from all corners of culture came out to say we were doing something worthwhile, so we knew we were on the right track. We know the important role clubbing plays in Irish Society. We received so many creative, exciting, detailed plans from applicants - it was heartening to see the talent and creativity out there just needing support. It was genuinely very hard to choose our winner but I know myself and the rest of the Absolut Clubbing Council are very excited with Temporary Pleasure and we have put all our support behind them to create a very special club moment that we hope inspires others.”

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