Why the advertising and creative communications sector is a viable career choice for you!
Why the advertising and creative communications sector is a viable career choice for you!

IAPI Members have been reporting issues with talent attraction, both in terms of volume and diversity to the IAPI Board over the last few years.

Recovery from the recession combined with the establishment of Dublin HQ’s for some of the worlds largest tech firms led to a high demand talent marketplace. While attracting talent was becoming difficult across all sectors, our sector has seen remarkable shifts in terms of the talent it requires to fuel our industry.

Most agencies have had to adapt to meet client’s expectations. The journey of a campaign has become more linear; in other words, clients are no longer happy to engage with third parties. This has resulted in the development of new departments in our member agencies. From digital to experiential, social to data / analytics, media buying to creative, most agencies now provide a full in-house service that will service a campaign from initiation to execution all the way through to analytics and effectiveness analysis.

The situation required action, and IAPI are thrilled to launch our Career Break initiative. This programme is intended to educate, inform and encourage a variety of talented graduates, school goers and early career workers to consider the advertising and creative communications sector as a viable career choice!

For us to be able to develop this programme we had to engage in a deep, honest period of self-analysis! Why is our sector a viable career choice? What is it that makes us different to any other industry within the commercial creative realm?

We pulled representatives from our membership and engaged in a process of naval gazing that had never been undertaken. With the intent of being as honest and brutal as we could be, we had to ask ourselves what was it that set us apart? Why do we feel our industry is unique? What makes it a great place to work? Why should you consider a career within our sector? How would your creativity be utilised?

After considerable work, we came to several conclusions that summed up exactly what our key offering was. We need people who are individuals. We need people who care about the world they live and work in. We need people who are creative and capable of being themselves in a safe space!

So, we summed it up! Into a tagline. Well it IS advertising!

Why is our sector a compelling and viable career choice for you?

You can BE UNIQUE.