In short, I'm another member of the creative team but bring another way of thinking to the table. If the response is more traditional I'm looking at how tech or data could be used to inform the idea or integrate cross platform.

A Creative Technologist is:

  • Less focused on once off campaigns and more focused on making the end to end experience better for customer.
  • Technology focused who can be the bridge between ideas and technology.
  • Curating creative ideas and translating through innovative solutions that are technology based.
  • Interested in investigating and experimenting with emerging platforms and frameworks, delivering a technical (creative or service) solution to a problem derived from a combination of data and behavioural insights.
  • Able to analyse a user experience through a behavioural lens and translate those learnings to clients and internal teams.
  • Working across a wide area of technology and providing guidance for creating a user experience that is not only creative, but is grounded in best practices, valid UI, UX and underlying architecture recommendations and design theory and technical proof-of-concepts. Well versed in the ideation and visual design of campaigns across multiple media and creating storytelling within the overall marketing mix.

Hazel Tracey, Creative Technologist at Rothco/Accenture Interactive

The Creative Technologist is able to:

  • Develop original and exciting conceptual ideas and bring visionary ideas to the table.
  • Act as an agency representative of the technology department to inserts and evangelise effective technology solutions into client projects and campaigns.
  • Educate, Inform and inspire internal teams as well as clients on the latest available technology solutions, platforms and frameworks.
  • Carry out varied research including ethnographic research to experience users through a behavioural lens.
  • Identify and analyse current and future UX technology trends.