You must be 30 years of age or younger, born on or after 24 June 1992 and resident in Ireland. Please note the competitions are not open to students. (Cannes Lions rules unfortunately). In addition, certain competitions are only open to certain agencies. Please note you can only enter ONE category.

  • Digital (IAPI member agencies)
  • Media (IAPI member agencies)
  • Print (IAPI member agencies)
  • Film (IAPI member agencies)
  • Design (IAPI, IDI and ICAD member agencies only)
  • PR (PRCA and PRII members)
  • Young Marketers

To be eligible to compete in the Young Marketers competition the team must be made up of two young professionals working for client companies that engage the services of advertising and communications companies. Freelancers are not eligible to compete in Young Marketers.

There is a charge of €90 per team to enter. When entering please ensure you do not include any brand/logo identifying your agency in your work. This rule does not apply to the Young Marketers competition.