Another route to attending Cannes is to sign up for an academy. These are high-intensity learning programmes designed to accelerate essential training.

There are two types of academies:
There are two types of academies:


Leadership Training is for industry professionals who have reached a level of management in their career and have generally been working for 10-15 years. The Cannes Creative Leaders Programme is run in association with the Berlin School, the CMO Accelerator Programme and the CEO Academy and Young Lions Academies.


1,111 Young Lions from 75 different countries attended last year’s event. Only 4 of these were from Ireland.

Young Lions Academies are for professionals aged 28 or under (under 30 for Young Marketers). There are seven types: the Roger Hatchuel Academy for students, the Young Creative Academy, the Young Account Executive Academy, the Young Media Academy, the Young Marketers Academy, the Young Account Planners Academy and the Young Storytelling Academy.

Each tailored course runs during the Festival week under the guidance of an experienced tutor. Participants follow a set programme which includes the best and most relevant parts of the Cannes Lions main stage, specialist sessions from industry leaders and focused group discussions.