Training with Roxanne Hobbs

Unconscious Bias

Tuesday 4th July

09:00 to 17:00

IAPI Boardroom, 12 Clanwilliam Square, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2

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This training has been designed to support agencies as they endeavour to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Our industry relies on creativity and innovation to get ahead - skills that are not bound by gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or age. In fact, having a more diverse group of people working here should mean that we perform better with a more diverse range of opinons and approaches around the table. This workshope helps us to understand the business case for diversity. 

You can expect to learn the following from this course: 

  1. Be able to articulate the business case for diversity and inclusivity, and the difference between diversity and inclusivity.
  2. To hold an increased unerstanding of their own internal biases and how this might influence their decision making.
  3. Clarity on what inclusive leadership and inclusive behaviours look like and how it is everyone's responsibility to 'lead' in this arena.
  4. Introduction to the key leadership behaviours that support a more inclusive workplace - authenticity, systems awareness and trust. 

The morning session will cover the third paradigm of diversity/inclusivity, recognising our own bias and how to apply this to your business. The afternoon session will explore what authenticity is, introduce delegates to the concept of relationship systems intelligence and how to build trust within your teams. 

PART 1 is about the third paradigm of diversity / inclusivity. How D&I is business critical. The section consists of a discussion aboutthe different frameworks of D&I approach, some stimulus from Stephen Frost (ex Head of Diversity, Locog) and concludes with an exercise in which participants work through the
business case for their organisation.

PART 2 is about recognising our own bias. We all hold unconscious biases – to stereotype is to be human. An introduction to the concept of unconscious
bias and the Harvard implicit bias test. 

In the afternoon, we explore inclusive leadership. What do we need to do, as leaders, to create a workplace in which other people can show up as themselves, and be valued for just that?

PART 3 : Introduction to Authentic leadership We explore what authenticity is and how it is so much more nuanced than just blurting the first thing on your mind. The definition we use is that it is “having the courage to be vulnerable, values-led and to set boundaries”.Through this session we explore the
concept of authenticity, supporting the team to understand how they may show up inauthentically at times and give them tools and techniques which they can use to step in to their authentic leadership.

PART 4 : Relationship Systems Intelligence™ Introduces leaders to the concept of Relationship Systems Intelligence™ - a set of skillsand principles which enable leaders to maximize their relationship with a group, teamor system and to relate to it as a whole. The workshop builds an understanding of thekey elements of RSI, enabling leaders to move beyond the traditional “I” and “you” positions of a situation to a new paradigm of “us”.

PART  5 : Building trusting teams We explore how trust is built and broken in teams, and how it is built (and destroyed) inthe smallest of increments. We get specific about the behaviours that build and break trust. We also look at specific situations where trust has been broken, and consider ways in which it could have been repaired.

About the Trainer 
Roxanne Hobbs is a certified co-active coach who is also trained in the work of Bren้ Brown. She is passionate about the diversity and inclusivity agenda believing that we need to remove the barriers to success in the workplace and create cultures where people can show up as themselves and be valued for it. Her background is in the media and creative industries and she strongly believes that the skills needed there - including creativity and innovation - are rooted in diversity, authenticity and vulnerability.

Roxanne was a managing partner at Vizeum UK and so understands the pressures at a senior level in this industry. She coaches extensively in media agencies, creative agencies, media owners and FMCG marketing departments. She founded The Hobbs Consultancy initially to effect change for women in the advertising industry. Since then she has come to realise that it isn’t the women that need fixing and that it is not just women who face barriers in the workplace. She is also the founder of the HeANDShe conference - designed to bring men along to the gender conversation, and explore how both men and women are held back by gender stereotypes. Roxanne is an experienced coach, facilitator and public speaker. 
Roxanne is warm, compassionate and challenging. She exemplifies inclusivity in her work, her approach and how she runs The Hobbs Consultancy. 

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