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IAPI Future Heads Elections 2017

Who are the Future Heads?
We are a group of young people in our industry who wish to connect, inspire and foster new emerging talent within the advertising and communications industry in Ireland. 

Why is an Election being called? 
Aoibhin Lennon, Director, Mediavest, has stepped down after two years as leader of the Future Heads Committee. IAPI sent an industry wide call for candidates on 24 April - you can see the candidates below. Voting will be done via electronic ballot paper with all votes being tallied by independent company, Ignite Research.

What does this role involve?  

  • Organise and mobilise younger people in agencies in the activities of Future Heads. This means getting them involved in shaping, organising and attending events of interest to them and recruiting others, thereby driving engagement and a relationship with IAPI.
  • Represent the views of younger members of IAPI agencies on the IAPI board - a significant proportion of staff in agencies are under 35 as per the 2016 Census. It’s important that this voice is heard.
  • Fulfil the role of Director of the company and serve on board sub-committees.


The Candidates

Eoin Corrigan, Account Director, MediaCom

Eoin’s background is not the standard media planner background starting his professional career in investment banking. It was this experience in numbers that influenced his choice to enter the trading arena when deciding to join the industry. Starting in Dentsu Aegis, Eoin was tasked with tracking the Group’s key trading income streams across all media and managing audit portfolios. After 18 months in trading he made the leap to planning, working on a wide range of clients from Littlewoods Ireland and Kellogg’s to The Referendum Commission. Whilst in Carat he also took upon the role of copywriter for the HSE “Jonny’s Got You Covered” character helping to educate the Irish public on ‘Safe Sex’ issues.  

Mid 2015 joining MediaCom he was appointed Account Director on Sky (one of Ireland’s largest advertisers). Eoin has been working on Sky as brand lead for the past 2 years whilst also leading the Audi Ireland team, manging the media business for Ryanair Ireland’s local operations, Allianz Insurance and more recently taken the helm of Coca Cola Flavours including Fanta, Sprite and Schweppes. 

Eoin has also been one of the leads in the transition committee tasked with moving all of MediaCom’s buying in to GroupM. 

One of my favourite quotes “It takes a very long time to become young” by Pablo Picasso, personifies my ambition for this role. Remembering how it was being a child and doing things simply because they were fun, not constantly thinking if it’s a wrong idea or a waste of time – it’s the mindset of youth that should signify braveness, creativity, unlimited possibilities and positivity. This is what I want to bring to the Future Heads group. The journey that Toni undertook back in 2013 when this role was created was to make IAPI a brand relevant to younger, less experienced members. Along with Aoibhin over the past 18 months the group has achieved incredible results which I would love to help build on.  

I want to continue this journey and bring new fresh thinking to how IAPI and the younger generation of agency folk interact. By involving all and bringing the mindset of youth to the Future Heads, I believe I can help those who may fear failure, the “What If” scenario that comes with a new career, and sometimes being afraid to stand out against the norms. Focusing on the pressures that younger individual’s face I will aim to lean on my own experiences and help the Future Heads group become the natural ‘go to’ forum.  

I will welcome any idea, any concept and any passion point that an industry member brings to the table. It is these nuances that makes our industry so unique, sharing and collaboration is at the heart of every agency, why shouldn’t it be at the heart of our industry interactions too? I believe it’s important to inspire those at the beginning of their careers and alongside the Future Heads group I will help us to not only inspire each other but also inspire the more experienced. After all, it’s this combination of youthful enthusiasm, bravery and seasoned wisdom that will make IAPI a living, breathing organisation in a time of some much change and challenge.  

Gemma Gilmore, Client Director, Mediavest

Gemma started her career in Mediavest nearly seven years ago after completing a degree in Sports Management and a Master in Marketing. She is now a Client Director heading up two of the largest accounts in the agency, Nissan and Mars Wrigley. Alongside this, she holds a management role in the company’s Executive Management Committee. Outside of her Mediavest role, Gemma is a tutor for Core Knowledge, Core Media’s learning centre. Here, she presents courses to her Core Media colleagues but also clients and media owners. Gemma is also involved in a Mentor Programme where she mentors newer recruits to the Core Media Group. 

A regular contributor to IAPI and Future Heads events, Gemma has been a panellist and hosted discussion Q&As for ADEXPO and One on One Mentoring Night

I have been part of the IAPI Future Heads Group for the last two years, with a heavy involvement over the past year. What I’m passionate about and what I believe I could bring to the Future Heads is a focus on relationships. Building, maintaining and improving relationships with clients, colleagues media owners and other agencies should be a real focus for anyone starting out in the industry. They should understand how to create and grow relationships that lead to better and more creative work and clients having complete trust in their agency. I want to lead the Future Heads to facilitate events which not only allow networking opportunities but add value to our career progression. 


Richard Britton, Account Manager, Carat

I can still vividly remember what it was like being brand new with no idea how this industry works, and this makes me a perfect candidate for the Future Heads board. I started in Carat as a TV Buyer, brand new to the industry in 2015. Before I joined Carat I complete a Masters in Communications. After a year and a half of this role, I moved over to become an Account Manager for Diageo in Carat. After three years of working in a media agency and through both of these positions, I have gained a rounded experience of all media, and its relationship interacting together.  

I want to be the Future Head representative on the IAPI board so that I can be a part of shaping our industry's progress and ensuring that the issues relating to this generation of advertising practitioners are at the centre of our future. I want to make sure that there are support systems in place for all the younger members of our group, be that for mental health, members of the LGBTQ community or any person who feels isolated in their workplace. From personal experience, while I know there are processes in place for the above issues, I want to ensure there are industry wide resources that people can use. From speaking with various colleagues from different agencies, processes for the above issues are not industry wide and I would want to ensure that IAPI will be a place where anyone experiencing any of these difficulties can come and seek help for them. These are all issues that everyone at one point will face, and I feel it will be the responsibility of the board, myself included, to ensure these matters and any other issues are heard, and appropriate action follows. 

I want to continue the great work being done by IAPI where they allow people from every experience level in the industry to have fun and interact with people from different companies. I want to continue to facilitate a place where people of various organisations can meet and interact as I feel it is important for the younger members of our industry to get to know each other early on as they will, in turn, act as a support system for each other. We want to make sure that we are nurturing all upcoming talent so that they can give the best to our profession.


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